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Financial Services

KURAKULA'S Finsol Services was incorporated April 19, 2009. Main activity of the Company is leasing, rental and lending of money against the securities, real and personal property. It also provides services such as Card Loan, Personal Loan, Housing loan, Business Loan, Mortgage Loan, Car Loan, Education Loan, Machinery Loan, Gold Loan, Commercial Vehicle Loan.

The company does not accept deposits from the public and has no subsidiaries. The overall management of the company vests with the board of directors composed of individuals with experience in the banking, business and industry. The company built on high standards of integrity, fair trade and effective, safe and reliable financial policies. Main activities of the Company are liteasing, rental and lending of money against the securities, real and personal property, loan services.

Main services of the company are to provide financial services. It provides the updating of legislation, investments, stock trading, loans and investment services in real estate lending services.

Types of Loans :

What is a credit card?

Unlike other types of loan available in the market, credit card serves as an interest-free loan for a period of time. These credit cards are aimed at increasing the purchasing power of the user by giving free accesses to credit up to specified limit subject to the repayment of the amount within the billing cycle.

Features of credit cards

  • Benefit you with the option of revolving credit, allow you to pay minimum balance each month
  • Convert big purchases into EMI cash withdrawals from ATM
  • Balance transfer one card to another to enjoy low-interest rate

How will be benefited with credit card usage?

There are different types of credit cards that will benefit you in many ways on usage

  • 0% Purchase Cards
    These cards are found in the wallets of many people today. The company doesn't charge any annual charges for the usage of the card. These types of credit cards will suit your purpose at the best if you can amount in full each month. Using this card will give you free accesses to credit up to pre- specified limit.
  • Reward cards
    These types of credit cards will enable you to earn cash back or loyalty points to you on the purchases made through the card. Depending on the credit card you choose, you have the option to redeem the points against air miles, hotel stays, dining and much more.
  • Balance Transfer Cards
    Balance transfer one card to another to enjoy low-interest rate

How should you compare credit cards ?

Credit cards are plastic alternatives to the bundles of cash in your wallet. There is no such credit card that stands best in every aspect in India. Your right choice of credit card depends on what you want it for. If you are having large outstanding debt with high rate of interest, balance transfer credit card will be your choice. You can choose between the cards that offers 0% interest for longer time or short interest free period with no transfer fee.
On the contrary, if you want to use the credit cards for making purchases and spending, look for the cards, look for the cards that offer 0% on new purchases for a longer period.

Is it right to compare the credit cards based on APR?

APR on the credit card is nothing but annual percentage rates levied by the credit card companies. It is actually a great basis for comparing each credit card. Lower the APR charges, lower will the interest rates and other related fee. Apart from that, you need to check various terms and conditions related to credit card use before you hit apply button.

Credit card terms you should look in

  • 0% Purchase Cards
    These cards are found in the wallets of many people today. The company doesn't charge any annual charges for the usage of the card. These types of credit cards will suit your purpose at the best if you can amount in full each month. Using this card will give you free accesses to credit up to pre- specified limit.
  • Joining fee
    Credit card companies levy some joining fee on some privilege cards offered by them. Rise in the number of credit card users today motivated the companies to waive the joining fee for credit cards.
  • Annual fee
    Annual fee is charged by the companies for using the credit card. To win the competitive environment, many companies waive off both joining fee and annual fee for the first year, these charges come into limelight from the second year onwards, know these terms before you pick one.
  • Interest rate
    Everybody is good at their intentions but, this is one of the important point that one should look in while picking the credit card. Uncertainties in the life knock the door when you least expect them.
  • Eligibility
    Credit card approvals don’t have stringent regulations in place but not everybody is eligible to get the credit card you wish. Check for the card which you are eligible for.

Eligibility Criteria


Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 18 years


Salaried/ self-employed with regular source of income to pay back bills

Credit Score


Bank Accounts

Savings account on your name

Documents Required

Documents Salaried Self-Employed
Address proof Passport Copy/ Utility Bill (Electricity, Water)/ Rental Agreement/ Ration Card. Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Driving License/PAN card/ electricity bill/ Electricity bill/ Title deed/utility bill/municipal tax receipt.
Identity proof Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Driving License/PAN card/ ID card issued by employer Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Driving License/PAN card
Income proof Latest pay slips from past three months, bank statements for 6 months, current salary certificate Form 16 and a copy of ITR for the last two years, past computation of income, Profit and Loss statement, and balance sheet certified by a C.A. copies of acknowledged IT returns

Personal loan assist you in getting the money in short order if you qualify. There are in fact popular tools for addressing your versatile finance needs. Taking personal loans can help you realise your vision by spending less time on what if’s and more energy on taking next step towards brighter financial future. With good credit rating, you can lock low rate of interest on your personal loan. This is a short term unsecured loan granted for individual. These loan are commonly used to meet different needs like debt consolidation, unexpected medical expenses, home renovation and much more. The loans come with the benefit of flexibility usage, minimum documentation and quick processing. One can get the loan for the tenure of 5 years without the need for pledging any collateral. Your job stability and credit score plays an important role in the approval of the loan.

Why Personal Loan is a good choice?

Taking a personal loan is a good idea over other types of loan available in the market because these loans are unsecured in nature and there is no limit on the number of ways that personal loan can be put to use. It can be anything ranging from addressing the weeding expenses to buying most desired jewellery. It is in fact a best tool to smoothen the cash flow during the times of cash crunch. Remember, these loans are unsecured nature, your job stability and credit score plays an important role in the approval of the loans.

Types of Personal Loans Available

Personal loans with bad credit

Though credit score is an important criteria to get a personal loan, few banks are ready to offer the loan for you at high rate of interest. You can even showcase your income proof if income has considerably grown up recently.

Business Loan for Start Ups

Taking a personal loan for business start ups is a good choice too. As it is difficult for the business owner to establish future projections in the start up, business loans will serve the purpose.

Unemployed Loans

You can even get personal loan from the government, even if you are unemployed. There are some institutions like Tata capital, max finance to offer government loan plans for unemployed.

unemployee Business loans for women

Personal loans can be availed by small business women entrepreneurs. There are different schemes offered by banking institutions like Udyogini Scheme, Mahila Udyam Nidhi Scheme and Dena Shakti Scheme to encourage women business entrepreneurs.

Home improvement loan

Many people tend to take personal loan for home improvement projects too. Few banks offer 100% of the loan for this purpose and other banks consider covering 90% of the costs.

Medical Loan

You can take the advantage of personal loans which fetches you the amount up to 25 laks for the medical emergencies. As these loans does not ask for any collateral, processing of these loans is quick. All you need to showcase is your income proof and credit score for the quick disposal of the loan.

weddung Rates of Personal Loan

Rate of interest and other related charges of the personal loans are high and it is good idea equip your self with the knowledge related to rate of interest and other related fee of the particular bank when you apply for the loan. Most of the banks offer personal loan with the interest rate starting from 10.4% on the loan amount. The loan is offered for a maximum tenure of 5 years and cap on the loan amount sanctioned is 25 lakhs. Do understand that these personal loans come with the pre-closure charges which vary from bank to bank.

What should you look-in while applying for personal loan?

Choosing to go with the personal loan is a simple thought, it is pivotal to consider many other factors while you apply for the personal loan irrespective of the bank you approach. It is important to make sure that the personal loan will not become a burden for you in the future.

  • Loans available from Rs. 50,000/- to Rs. 15 lakhs
  • Flexible repayment options - Loan tenors range from 12-60 months for salaried individuals
  • Doorstep Service - Fix an appointment with any of our representatives on phone and get assistance in completing loan related formalities
  • Gain quick approval on loans
  • Minimal paperwork and hassle free processing
  • Attractive interest rates

Eligibility Criteria

Requirement Salaried Self-Employed
Age 21-60 years 21-60 years
Employment status Employment for two years/ employed with current employer In business since last 5 years
Income range 4000-20000(varies for different banks) 250,000-10,0000(varies for different banks)
Credit score CIBIL score 350 – 900 CIBIL score 350 - 900

Documents Required

Documents Salaried Self-Employed
Address proof Passport Copy/ Utility Bill (Electricity, Water)/ Rental Agreement/ Ration Card. Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Driving License/PAN card/ electricity bill/ Electricity bill/ Title deed/utility bill/municipal tax receipt.
Identity proof Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Driving License/PAN card/ ID card issued by employer Voter ID/ Passport Copy/ Driving License/PAN card
Income proof Latest pay slips from past three months, bank statements for 6 months, current salary certificate Form 16 and a copy of ITR for the last two years, past computation of income, Profit and Loss statement, and balance sheet certified by a C.A. copies of acknowledged IT returns
Application Duly filled and signed application form Duley filled and signed application form
Photographs 2 Copies 2 Copies

A loan is a type of debt. Like all debt instruments, a loan entails the redistribution of financial assets over time, between the lender and the borrower.

In a loan, the borrower initially receives or borrows a sum of money, called the principal, by the lender and is obligated to pay or repay an equal amount of money to the lender at a later time. Typically, the money is repaid in regular installments or partial payments in an annuity; each payment is the same amount.

A mortgage is a great way to finance part of the dream house you've always wanted to own. Here are the six main factors to keep in mind before applying for a mortgage. The most important facts about each term, related to home loans before applying. So it is always advisable to consult an expert home loan as Bazaar ready before applying for a mortgage or buying a property

  • Get your own credit report.
  • Finalize the property before finalizing your home loan lender.
  • Be prepared to lose the processing fee.
  • The fixed rates are often fixed.
  • Make a provision for additional payment.

1) Get your own credit report:

  • Check your credit report thoroughly for errors. If necessary, use our consulting services on the report CIBIL to correct errors.
  • Remember that errors in the report your credit can reduce your chances of getting an offer to good home loan.

2) Finalize the property before finalizing your home loan lender:

  • The lenders reserve their best rates for customers’ immediate disbursement and therefore customers who have completed the property offers the best home loan.
  • Some lenders may not be comfortable with you to buy a plot and build on it self. Some lenders will not finance the construction of property under unless the developer is pre-approved by them. Many lenders may have problems if the property you buy is more than 15-20 years.

3) Be prepared to lose the processing fee:

Most companies charge a processing fee non-refundable will not be refunded, even if you decide not to use the sanction of loan. Lenders incur costs to punish your loan, so in most cases this is not refundable. If someone is promising you that the processing fee check will not be made without your prior consent or the processing fee will be refunded if you do not accept the penalty, the chances are that he is lying.

4) The fixed rates are often fixed:

Fixed costs are usually quoted only fixed for a period of from 12 to 60 months and can be revised there after. Understanding the rate you saw our table detailed comparison of home loan and then decide.

5) Make a provision for additional payment:

Lenders make an independent evaluation of the property to be purchased and they will fund approximately 80-85% of the assessed value as determined by their assessors. These independent experts are usually conservative and value of the property (especially property purchased for resale) much lower than what you could actually pay. While you may request a second assessment (at your expense off course), you should be willing to pay the difference between the actual price paid by you and the assessment made by the bank beyond the down payment required from 15-20% you.

Type of home loans:

  • Ready to buy
  • Home Improvement loan
  • Home Loan Extension
  • Home loan conversion
  • Bridge loan
  • Home Construction loan
  • Purchase Land Loan

Documentation is required for any type of loan:

  • Six months last statement of the Bank
  • Detail Pan Card No.
  • Form 16 not for the last 2 years
  • Latest salary slip three months if u are employee
  • Proof of Address

Process for Home Loan:

First, you must complete an application form for home loan.

  • The information is more or less the same for all banks. Generally, they ask for information such as details of professional, personal data, information on the liabilities and assets as well as physical details. After completing the form, you will have to go face to face, personal discussion.
  • This allows the bank to collect the additional details you may have not included in the application form. Thousands of people apply for loans at home every day.
  • Thousands of people, each loan appears to be a risk to the bank and is one reason why it valid or confirm the details you provide.
  • If the bank feels not convinced by the authorities then it may reject your application form and vice versa.
  • After the loan was sanctioned, you will receive a letter of offer, including the following interest rate, loan amount, loan term, the method of repayment, the terms and conditions of the loan, if the rate fixed interest or variable is associated with a reference rate or not and other conditions. The bank focuses on the property you are considering buying.
  • After choosing your property, be sure to submit all original documents of ownership to the bank.
  • Banks are very cautious about the goods they are likely to fund. Thus, before offering the loan to send his representation of an inspection.
  • After the verification of technical and legal review, the draft documents should be completed, signed, stamped and filed.
  • All borrowers are expected to sign the agreement. In addition, ensure the submission of post-dated checks for the first 3 years.
  • After the bank will ensure that the property is technically and legally clear, it transfers the property deeds in your name. The bank provides 85-90% of the estimated amount then you need to supply the rest.

It is part of middle-class car with cool hideout and home. Only a small percentage of people (including the rich) choose to buy a car outright. Most of them go the way of car loan. All you need is a good enough result and all vehicle documents in place. No need of running to different banks for their lending rates. Compare interest rates on car loans here, on a single click. Please note here that used car loans are slightly more expensive than new car loans.

The loan amount for your car loan is simply the total cost of the car minus the initial deposit. When you increase the deposit, the amount of your loan decreases. For a given interest rate, a reduced loan amount reduces the EMI you have to pay each month.

Process of applying for car loan:

Once you've put your finger on the car you want to buy, the next step is to ask for a car loan. There is a lot less paperwork involved than a home equity loan because the bank did not verify any asset in the case of housing loans. It takes about three to six days for you to get a car loan, much less time than a home loan.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process of applying for car loan.

  • Request with a lender
  • Documents Collection
  • Field Investigation Agency Representative Visit
  • Approved loan
  • Request with a lender:
    • The first step is to contact a lender. You need to contact as many lenders as possible and get them to make loan offers to you. Then negotiate with them to get the best interest rate. Check for special offers.
    • After receiving all banks to offer them to you, choose your lender based on the information you have in front of you.
  • Documents Collection:

    After finalizing your lender, the lender's agent direct sales will visit you and collect documents supporting proof of income, proof of residence and identity. You may be required to produce copies of his return, pay slips, bank statements, passports, driving licenses and other relevant documents. These requirements vary from lender to lender.

  • Field Investigation Agency Representative Visit:

    After the presentation of documents, a field investigator will visit your home to double check the facts provided in the documents, such as your residence, seniority in the workplace, and so on. It is essential that you be present during the visit to clarify any questions that the researcher might have. Otherwise, the researcher may not get all the facts clearly and could report the facts you provide are not really add up - forcing the lender to reject your loan application.

  • Loan approved:

    Once the lender is satisfied with the authenticity of your documents, the loan is approved. The lender then pays the amount of checks or drafts of the request.

    Apply with car loans leading provider of India:
    • SBI Car Loan
    • HDFC Car Loan
    • Kotak Mahindra Car Loan
    • PNB auto loan
    • ICICI Car Loan
    • Axis Bank Car Loan

Documentation for Car Loan:

When a person does not have sufficient financial amounts with him and he left no other option than to apply for car loans. He need not worry because he has the sample of choice on the internet. It can easily compare car loan rates and find the perfect match to suit their needs.

There are many auto finance companies, which offer different types of car. After comparing the different offers car loan, you can-finance, restrict his choice and get the best auto loan available. The company that provides comparison rates car loan should have business loans and different products that can be compared.

Personal car finance is also offered by many institutes; one can even compare and find the perfect match. The Agreement comparison should also be improved by the company to meet customer requirements. Every time a new car loan company enters a market, the comparison process starts first and people try to find the best rate from them.

There are even many companies that offer auto financing bad credit auto. But before finalizing any type of transaction, read all terms finance and conditions. It can also play critical sites and the views of different people. This will help a person learn more about the company and its details.

If interested to take credit as a self-employed then this is the type we offer business loans cheap in Hyderabad to almost 10 to 12% interest rate if you use a fair deal with reputable business Annual reports and sound banking, then you are eligible for a business loan.

There are many banks that finance, like ICICI HDFC Bank HSBC SBI the applicant must have at least run the business for at least three fiscal years and paid a regular tax return (it) with the statements. In this type, the foreclosure rate is about 2%, but if the loan is pre-closure is as high as 3%.

There are different types of interest rates of different loans such as fixed rate to floating rate etc. The RBI has to be refreshed every three months a year the rate of interest variable, if it is home loans business personal.

Do you need money to start a new business or want to measure your existing business? Bazaar loans will help you get your commercial loan interest rates. Business loans are designed to help companies achieve significant business milestones and research associated with starting a business, research and growth. We are confident that we can save you valuable time and help you get lower interest rates, borrowing costs without expensive you get when you use a loan officer. No matter what your credit situation is, our goal is to help you in some way. Get a free quote on your business loans with us and compare with other suppliers.

Advantages of Business Loans:

  • Business loans at the best interest of the bank.
  • Immediate sanction of loan for your business after approval.
  • Loans for both new and existing business
  • Loans to businesses safe and secure

Documentation is required for any type of loan:

  • Six months last statement of the Bank
  • Detail Pan Card No.
  • Form 16 not for the last 2 years
  • Last three months salary slip if you are employee
  • Proof of Address
  • If you are not Employee two Grantor.

Advice on Business Loans:

Securing funding is often one of the first steps to successfully own and operate a business. But even sophisticated borrowers can get caught in a situation of bad debts. A few precautions can help prevent common errors.

  • Get everything in writing
  • Be careful what you offer as Security
  • Understand the loan agreement before signing
  • Avoiding the discharge of signature, jury trial waivers
  • Take action if something goes wrong
  • Know your rights

Get everything in writing:

All terms and details of the loan must be specified in writing. A lender may make oral promises and agreements, but borrowers must rely on written documentation. A legal doctrine called "parol evidence rule" reject any evidence of oral agreements in court if they conflict with the written loan documents.

Be careful what you offer as Security:

Although there are some special rules that can be applied universally to the actual conditions of a loan, a general guideline is: never offer something that the security that you can not live without. Prudent lenders may require more security than necessary. All pledged assets are at risk of loss in case of credit default. Lenders often require not only the security of the borrower, but also a guarantee of a corporate officer of the company, perhaps a trust deed on their property. In such a case, if the loan should default, both the borrower and the guarantor are at risk of losing their coverage because the conditions of the loan legally allow foreclosure.

Understand the loan agreement before signing:

Legal doctrines designed to prevent fraudulent loans can sometimes inhibit the remedies of the borrower in case of problems. It is therefore imperative to fully understand the agreement before signing it. Lawyers are among the few people out bankers that can easily sort and understand the details of a loan. If you have questions about the loan or your rights, get legal counsel. Lawyers can be expensive, but you are hiring an expert who will protect your interests. The disadvantage of hiring a lawyer, should there be a dispute, the bank can say that because a lawyer has reviewed the documents.

Avoiding the discharge of signature, jury trial waivers:

Loan agreements often contain a waiver of jury trial or an arbitration clause. By adhering to these words, know that you waive significant legal remedies available. Similarly, if a lender is concerned about a possible claim, they may ask the borrower to sign a release form. By signing such a release, the borrower loses the rights to a claim, it is important that if there is suspicion of improper activity, consult a lawyer about the issue before signing a statement.

Take action if something goes wrong:

Under a legal doctrine called "fraud waiver" if a borrower a lender suspects of wrongdoing, but continues to receive substantial benefits from the same lender (such as loan financing) the borrower can lose the ability to continue later, an allegation of fraud. This doctrine places the borrower in an uncomfortable situation. If a claim is not filed within the proper amount time, it will be rejected.

Know your rights:

Basic information on legal rights of borrowers can be found in libraries and online at Web sites such as FindLaw.com, which can also help find a lawyer in your area with expertise in banking and finance.

Equipment loan is so popular categories of loans an individual can choose to improve business prospects. Equipment loans are the best possible variety of loans that comes to the rescue of people in all income groups and from different sectors. Although not a very old concept in India, however, these loans are becoming popular by the day because of its great scope and flexibility. Equipment loans can take care of the estimated expenditures for the purchase of equipment in different genres.

Some of the recognized institutions that provide loans of equipment are

  • ICICI Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Bank of Baroda
  • HDFC Bank

Equipment loans are available through a number of varieties. The most important have been mentioned below for you

  • Loans for Office Equipment
  • Loans for Construction Equipment
  • Loans for Medical Equipment
  • Loans for Agricultural Equipment

Loans for Office Equipment:

If you plan to set up a new business or redesigning your old office, this particular type of loan could be what you are looking for. It will relieve you of any concerns regarding the purchase of all office equipment and help you in your adventure.

Loans for Construction Equipment:

Particularly for those dealing in the construction sector, opting to request loans of construction equipment could be a good idea.

Loans for Medical Equipment:

Loans for Medical Equipment deals with the purchase of medical equipment old and new. The criteria for applying for these loans is the same as in the case of loans from other facilities and easy repayment options and flexibility of these loans are a hassle free option.

Loans for Agricultural Equipment

All agricultural farm equipment can be clubbed like that. There are a number of banks to deal with this type of loan especially as it applied to most varieties of loans, due to the fact that India is primarily an agrarian society.

Loans are extended for the purchase of:

All work equipment on Contracts for the construction / operation / civil as JCB, excavators, wheel loaders, Tata / AL dumpsters, forklifts etc.

We provide funding for all models of TELCON, JCB, L & T, Schwing Stetter, Caterpillar, Volvo etc.

Types of loans:

  • New equipment
  • Used Equipments / Refinancing
  • Balance Transfer
  • Top-Up Loans

Loan for Construction Equipment:

If you are looking to buy building materials, ready Construction Equipment offers the best conditions with documentation easy and simple and attractive interest rates at your door. This loan can be used to buy two construction equipment new and used.

We offer the following types of loans for construction equipment

  • Purchase of new construction equipment
  • Purchase of used construction equipment


  • Up to 90% financing available
  • Tenure up to 48 months
  • Easy and simple documentation
  • Quick Processing
  • Door step services
  • Flexible financing solutions
  • Copies of contracts / work orders
  • Easy Refund is via PDC / PDC not / ECS / SI.
  • Current rate of interest ranges from 11% to 17%.


  • Any person / Partnership firm / company with more than 3 years experience in relevant cases.
  • Financing extended to contractors, rental companies and captive customers.


  • Proof of residence eg: Passport, ration card, voter ID
  • Proof of experience in the field
  • Bank Statement
  • History of past loans
  • RTI in the case of certain categories of customers
  • The financial statements of the last two years
  • Completely filled out the application form.
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Identity proof, signature, address and Tele-reachability
  • Copies of contracts / work orders

Documents required for loans of farm equipment:

  • Copy of the application
  • Ownership of land proof
  • Income proof
  • Residence proof

Equipment for use in Agriculture:

  • Application form with photo of the customer and all applicants and co guarantor.
  • Performa invoice for the asset to be financed by an authorized dealer.
  • The land records of the borrower's.
  • The land evaluation and reporting of research
  • Title of the land.
  • Proof of the borrower's residence.
  • Proof of identity of the borrower's.
  • Verification of the signature of the borrower's
  • Loan agreement signed by the applicant and guarantor

Equipment Business:

  • Application form with photo of the customer and all candidates for CO and / or guarantor.
  • Performa invoice for the asset to be financed by an authorized dealer.
  • last 6 months bank statement
  • proof of residence of the borrower's.
  • Proof of identity of the borrower's.
  • Checking the signature of the borrower's.
  • Loan AgreementDuly signed by the candidates and guarantor

A mortgage is a loan secured by real property through the use of a mortgage note, which proves the existence of the loan and the size of this Realty through the provision of a mortgage loan, which guarantee the loan. However, the mortgage single word in daily use, is most often used to mean mortgage loan.

A mortgage is offered on the property mortgage can range from personal property mortgage commercial real estate or real properties. Properties are kept under mortgage as collateral to repay a loan. It may be noted in this context that the term "mortgage" and "mortgage" is used synonymously and are often interchangeable.

Technically speaking, a mortgage is defined as the conditional promise to the property "protected against the performance of an obligation or repayment of a debt. According to investment and economic parameters, it is the instrument of indebtedness secured by reference any commercial real estate or real estate as collateral, which gives the creditor the property conditional on the asset which can be released only with the repayment of the loan amount.

Some important participators in the context of mortgages are:

  • The creditor is a person or institution that has legal rights to the debt secured by the mortgage and often makes a loan to an individual purchase price of the property. In terms of institutions, the creditor may be banks, insurers and other financial institutions. It can be called as a mortgagee or lender.
  • The debtor is the person taking the mortgage and the lender must satisfy the conditions imposed by the mortgage creditor to prevent the creditor to adopt provisions on the mortgage to recover the debt.

Some common types of mortgage rates:

  • Adjusted rate of mortgage
  • Fixed Rate
  • Mortgage Prime Rate


  • Businessmen
  • Self-employed professional
  • Salaried Customers

Maximum Loan:

The maximum loan amount depends on several factors including: the customers’ profile, the financial environment, the ability to repay, and of course the term home equity loan which is the calculation of the retirement age as well. Repayment is usually in the EMIS.

Type of interest:

Variable or fixed. The mortgage loan is calculated on these two types of interest. Interest rates can be reduced and, for existing customers, or in special cases in accordance with policies of the bank.

Process of extending the loan application Home:

Customers can fill out application forms online or in person to visit the bank to loan approval. A nominal fee of 1-2% is seen as the treatment by banks.

Documents required by banks to approve mortgages:

Salaried Customers:

  • Application form with photo
  • proof of identity and residence
  • last pay slip
  • Form 16
  • Last 6 months bank statement
  • Cost of processing checks.

Businessman / self-employed professional:

  • Application form with photo
  • Educational Qualification
  • Identification and proof of residence
  • Evidence of business with business profile and the last three years tax return
  • Last statement of income and balance sheet 3 years
  • Personal and Commercial 3 months bank statements
  • The other required documents (Sole Proprietorship. Declaration. Or a certificate.
    • Check processing fee

Education is one of the largest investments made in life. Higher education and specialization in certain areas require additional financial assistance from time to time.

Education loan applicants, the bank offers a holiday period on repayment while the student is the course is on capital or interest or both. But the interest rate you borrow will certainly become very important when your studies are completed. The interest rate on a loan of education depends on whether you are a student in India or abroad, the course you are applying for the loan amount and duration. Special concessions on interest rates are available if the student is a female.


  • An easy financing for professional courses such as MBA, MBBS & B. Tech
  • Available for higher education in India and abroad
  • reimbursement only after stress free placement
  • Loan covers up to as much as 20 available from various banks Lac
  • Expenses such as tuition, food and accommodation, travel expenses and fixed costs are included in the education loan
  • affordable interest rates
  • Low burden for parents


The KURAKULA'S Equity financial Services Private Limited Education loan scheme aims to provide financial support for the bank to deserving students / meritorious to pursue higher studies in India and abroad. The main emphasis is that every meritorious student is provided with an opportunity to continue their education with financial support on affordable terms and conditions.


a) Student Eligibility:

  • Should be an Indian national;
  • Admission to secure professional courses / techniques in India or abroad through entrance test / merit based selection process.
  • Good academic career.
  • The student should not have loan outstanding education in any other institution.
  • Mother / Father should be co-borrower.
  • Led the nearest permanent residence students will examine the loan.

b) Qualifying course:

  • Studies in India:
    • Graduation courses: BA, B. Com, B.Sc., etc..
    • Post Graduation Courses: Masters and PhD.
    • Professional courses: engineering, medicine, agriculture, veterinary, law, dental, management, IT, etc.
    • Certificate Course of Computer reputed institutes accredited to Department of Electronics or institutes affiliated to university.
    • Courses like ICWA, CA, CFA, etc.
    • Courses conducted by IIM, IIT, IISc, XLRI, NIFT, NID and other institutions set up by Central / State Govt.
    • Evening courses of approved institutes.
    • Other courses leading to diploma / degree etc. conducted by colleges / universities approved by UGC / Govt. / AICTE / IAML / ICMR etc.
    • Courses offered in India by reputed foreign universities with prior approval from head office.
  • Studies abroad:
    • Graduation: For job oriented vocational / technical education offered by reputed universities.
    • Post Graduation: MCA, MBA, etc.
    • Courses conducted by CIMA - London, CPA in USA etc.


  • Fees payable to the university / school / hostel
  • Examination / Library / Laboratory fees.
  • Purchase of books/ equipments / instruments / uniforms
  • Caution Deposit / Building Fund / refundable deposit supported by Institution bills / receipts.
  • Travel expenses / passage money for studies abroad.
  • Purchase of computers- Essential for completion of the course.
  • Any other expenditure necessary to complete the course - like study tours, project work, thesis, etc.


Need based finance subject to repayment capacity of parents / students with margin and the following ceilings:

  • Studies in India - Maximum Rs.10.00 lakh
  • Studies abroad - Maximum Rs.20.00 lakh.


  • Up to Rs.4 lakh: Nil
  • Above Rs.4 lakh - Studies in India: 5%
  • Study abroad: 15% grants could include the margin.

Gold loan is a secured loan sanctioned by the lender where the gold jewellery acts as collateral. The amount sanctioned through this loan is subject to the gold jewellery or the coins deposited in the bank or nonbanking financial institution. The banker holds the possession of the pledged jewellery till the total amount of loan including the interest rate is paid back to the lender. These gold loans are short term loans and are sanctioned with low-interest rate.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy processing
  • Quick approval
  • Low interest rates

Features of Gold Loan

  • It is a secured loan which can be obtained without the need of credit history.
  • You will be liable to pay only interest component throughout the tenure. Lump sum amount is demanded only at the end of the loan tenure.
  • Gold loan interest rates are as low as 8% if you are in the field of agriculture.
  • The loan process will be completed with the minimum documentation

How to apply?

Applying gold loan as simple as few mouse clicks. Logitoloans.com. from past decade the company has been serving the customers as its top priority. Our journey through decade highlights trust of the customers has shown in us. We help you choose the right lender to generate cash from your gold. Our team of experts help you analyse various gold loan deals available in the market. Best online gold loan schemes are put at your disposal based on your eligibility. Our wide range of best gold loan schemes enables you to compare against broad list of parameters.


  • You should have18 years
  • Have gold to pledge as collateral

Documents required

  • Copy of identity proof such as voter ID or Addhar card
  • Address proof like electricity bill, telephone bill

Benefits of gold loan

  • No Prepayment charges Copy of identity proof such as voter ID or Addhar card
  • Quick dispersal As these loans are backed by your gold reserves as collateral, the loan disbursal is very quick. Documentation
    There is no need for you to run a marathon of documenting many details to get an approval for the gold loan.
  • EMI calculation The EMI calculation in the case of the gold loan is entirely different. You will just be paying an interest rate on the loan amount throughout the tenure. Repayment of the complete loan amount is demanded only when you want to take your gold back.
  • Flexible Tenure The gold loan has flexible tenures; you can choose to repay the loan either in days months or years.

Don’t make the road wait longer to scale up your business to new heights. Commercial vehicle loans are on your way to clear the road block in your dream of becoming self- reliant. These loans keep your business on the constant move with the ability to upgrade to the new technology whenever needed. The loans can be put to use either to purchase used a commercial vehicle or new one. These loans can be easily availed with the minimum documentation as they are backed by the vehicle you purchase with the loan. Commercial vehicle loans can fuel your business operations and banks have loan options that are extremely flexible to suit customized needs of the customer. Commercial vehicle loan is proven tools for clearing the roadblock in your dream of becoming self- reliant. However, you need to showcase your ability to repay the loan. You will stand eligible to avail commercial vehicle loan if you are self-employed, partnership firm, HUF, trusts, and public and private limited companies.

Why is commercial vehicle loan a good idea?

Equipment needs of the business can be easily addressed with the help of commercial vehicle loans without the need for pledging any additional security. They are a right choice for expanding your existing fleet or buying your first commercial vehicle. You are flexible to use these commercial vehicle loans to purchase any type of business vehicle in any business location. You can either purchase new/ old commercial vehicle. The bankers have flexible options to finance the commercial vehicle loan according to specific requirements of the customer. A wide of vehicles like trucks, tankers, buses, trailers and other small business vehicles can be purchased with these loans. If you are purchasing used vehicle with the help of the commercial loan, the tenure of the loan will not be as long as the tenure of new vehicle loans, you should be prepared to repay the loan within the short tenure.

Benefits and features

  • Get 80% to 100% finance depending on customer profile
  • Easy loan for both used commercial vehicles and new commercial vehicles
  • Commercial loans can be availed as small as 1 lakh
  • Customized financial solutions to tailor individual needs.
  • Flexible repayment option
  • Good repayment tenure
  • Low rate of interest

What should you check in?

  • To make the process smoother, you need to check all the documents needed to process the loan. Krakulas.com will give you detailed information about the things that needs to be in place to process the loan. Apart from having necessary documents in place, banks ask transportation contracts if you need a high quantum of funding.
  • Easy loan for both used commercial vehicles and new commercial vehicles
  • You can get the commercial vehicle loan whether you have self-proprietorship or partnership. In case, you don’t stand eligible to get the loan, you can blood relatives as co-signer and get a joint loan.
  • You can choose the loan tenure anywhere from 6 months to 60 months, take your cash flows and an interest rate on the loan into consideration before you avail the same.
  • You vehicle segment and the customer profile are the two key factors that decide the interest rate on the loan which ranges from 10%- 15%.
  • Know about other related fees like processing fee and stamp duties which depend on the loan amount and varies from bank to bank.
  • You can get a top up vehicle loan if you are looking for a finance to uplift your existing commercial vehicle.