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Investment Services

We are primarily a property development company engaged in the acquisition of sites for the development of new, existing properties for redevelopment; and rehabilitation of older properties to meet current business requirements and contemporary appeal. Our development interests transcend of residential and commercial real estate projects.

Residential Development

We build quality homes with great attention to the functionality, the flow of space, aesthetics and finishing details. Our homes range from single family unit multi-unit development - semi-detached, terraced houses and buildings. We believe that quality homes should have the ideal environment for compliment them. This ensures that the locations of our developments are such that the guarantee comfortable living and provides property value.

Our past and current developments clearly demonstrate our commitment to delivering quality housing.

Commercial Development

When we undertake office, retail, leisure and other commercial development, we distill our understanding of the needs and potential users in the concept plan, design and finishing details. Our ultimate goal is to meet the functional needs of users and beyond, enrich the quality of life.

Development for sale / lease

Our developments in the residential and commercial properties meet the purchasing needs of various market segments. They also meet the needs individuals and companies willing to take leases / rentals in the development of high quality.

Joint Venture

We are open to joint venture or other collaborative arrangements with landowners, by which we conceptualize development programs, implementation and financing the same. We also hold equity / debt investors in our development projects

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