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Tours and Travels

Now you can book two volumes States and Continental ®, and check flight status upgrade, consultant your account information e Mileage Plus One Pass, check in and receive UN document boarding and mobile more directly from your mobile device. Available pour appliances iPhone and Android, The New United app allows you to take care of Your Needs trip at any time.


  • Flight reservation - book flights on Continental and United directly from the application from your device to mobile
  • Arrival of documents and mobile boarding pass - Store your documents pour mobile boarding Easy access to the UN Security boarding and Pendant
  • Flight Status - Check Your Level ll awake and viewer-flight amenities, gates and more
  • Notification to flying condition - Receive automatic updates on your mobile device to the volumes Selected
  • Seat Maps - Select Seats, Choose Economy Plus ® seats e Legroom
  • The Common Access Account flyer - Check Your Account Information and One Pass

 Mileage Plus

  • Airport cards - Focus on the terminal card assistance to navigate to dance Airport
  • Flight View - View real-time maps of flight paths and weather conditions

 Travel Biz key benefits:

  • Earn high commissions on top of all the products
  • Get the best deal on group bookings
  • Focused on service
  • Take the bus and the Notes pursuant car at reasonable rates across India With the online booking.
  • Absolutely no cost with investment of nearly 150 brands and 15,000 IT products online IT store.

Back Office Support:

  • Fully mechanism to automate and streamline your rescue Around the Clock. The team
  • Specialized pour Manage Your primary Requests to the main Demo
  • online pay traders to smooth delivery.

Provides organizations with:

  • It contained the most trips of any supplier online, including Southwest Airlines, JetBlue and Airtran directly connected, for example by
  • The Travel Control Policy and Compliance, including the necessary permits Pre-purchase (optional)
  • Reduce Costs of travel booking against officers of Suits
  • Online Interactions, the change in performance
  • Global robust functionality
  • In real time powerful reporting and analysis
  • A build visibility - the colors of your company logo and opinions ("qualified Did you pay this year's Cruise Price?)
  • The integration of a 100% automatic line with Concur expense. No online booking tool to Other Ontario this capacity.
  • Constant innovation as a technology leader

Drive costs out of the reporting process of Expenses:

Thousands of organizations to automate the reporting process Chaleurs Expenses with Concur, the leader of Global Spend Management Employees. The organizer who manually process Expenses Reports can spend up to $ 35 or more transactions over Expenses ED. Travel and entertainment (T & E) include the costs of UN up to 10% of operating expenses A company average! With this much at stake, automation is not only considered a practice, it also.

  • Reduce out-of-Policy Expenses 40%
  • Reduce the cycle time of the refund together two levels
  • Reduce Cost Every transaction reports up to 70% on Expenses.

Meeting online planning and booking:

A major advantage of the Concur Meeting Is the capacity to automate the management of blocks of the hotel, including capturing the details and guests the ability to block. Manager's Meeting May Also Include questions of personal inquiry pour gather the necessary information planner event logistics and capture input meeting.

Throughout, the life cycle of the meeting, the directors are meeting with Full Control can:

  • Develop and implement the travel policy for all participants
  • Monitor the invitation and lists of participants, including modifiers, and add the remove features
  • Facilitate communication to the public of the meeting time of a specific UN
  • Manage Maximum capacities related to blocks of rooms, special events and meetings scheduled

Booking business travel - Chaleur Needs, Your rules:

Help employees manage work and business trips Acting does not have to be frustrating. Perhaps you are lucky enough pour have a travel agent, but it is more likely in Quebec the person making the reservation EST on individual employee, and therefore travel management programs are essential. Maybe you need to Quebec pre-trip approval of the subject before the trip EST. Concur First aider May to streamline the process of complete travel management so that employees en get where they need be and stick to add your travel company policies.